Quality Criteria

Campus Austria language schools offer top quality in keeping with verifiable quality criteria:


The membership pre-requirement is a minimum three-year market presence in the realm of German as a foreign language.

Campus Austria Schools offer professionalism in teaching and organisation

Who teaches?
A dedicated, experienced, highly qualified team of teachers featuring native speaker competence
How many students are the groups composed of?
A maximum of 16 students
(one-to-one, small groups of up to 6 participants, standard group of up to 13 participants)
How does group allocation work?
By means of differentiated placement tests
What is taught?
The four language skills: listening comprehension and speaking, reading comprehension and writing
What are the teaching methods?
In the target language (German); varied, communication and practice-orientated teaching methods in accordance with the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
What is the target?
The courses aim at boosting communication competence
How is learning success assessed?
By means of regular attendance and learning progress check-ups, as well as by oral and written end-of-course testing

Evaluation and quality control

Perpetual quality management by means of participants’ evaluation and compulsory further education of the teaching staff
Compliance with the quality criteria is audited every three years by two independent experts